Power, Cooling and Fire safety

The essential high availability ingredients
Rockolo has invested heavily in ensuring that our data centres benefit from the best power and cooling systems available. We back this up by offering 100% commitment of power availability to your IT equipment as well as a 99.95% commitment to cooling.


Our power delivery systems are available to your IT equipment as two completely independent feeds, each backed up by an N+1 UPS system. An N+1 generator bank ensures that standby power is available in the event of a failure on the general mains power feeds. A Strict maintenance regimes ensure that the systems continue to run at maximum efficiency when required with complete mains power failure simulations carried out 4 times a year. All the systems are monitored every second of the year to ensure a proactive approach to any potential risk to the service.


The cooling of your IT systems to ensure that they perform at optimum conditions throughout the year is guaranteed through the supply of multiple independent high power, precision cooling units in an N+1 configuration. These units using the raised floor as an air delivery space take conditioned air at an optimum temperature of 21oC direct to the air intakes of your IT assets. Cold aisle containment and other associated techniques ensure that the maximum possible energy efficient methods of cooling your equipment are met whilst using the smallest possible carbon footprint. Hot and cold aisle temperature & humidity sensors monitor the data centre environment to ensure that this operates within the predetermined thresholds.

Fire Safety

All the data centre suites are equipped with the latest fire suppression and HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection) systems which safeguard your IT assets against damage by fire. The HSSD systems act as an early warning technique by constantly analysing air quality within the suite to look out for any contaminants such a smoke. Detection of particulate density above a predetermined threshold triggers an alarm warning of the potential of fire within the room. This can then be acted upon by the onsite personnel. The fire suppression system acts as a second line of defence ultimately detecting a more significant incident and eventually firing of the extinguishing gas to eliminate the risk.


PCI DSS certified facilities for your peace of mind
The physical security of your assets whilst at the same time allowing you 24x7x365 access to them is paramount to what we do. We work around the clock to keep your IT assets safe by ensuring that our systems, processes and procedures are geared towards making your systems only accessible to those with the authority to do so. We don’t only say we do and expect you to trust us but we back that up by having our facilities audited and certified to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) in the relevant parts of the services we provide to you. This ensures that we are on top of our game throughout the year so you have peace of mind that your business is safe in our hands. We know that many of the businesses that currently confide in our service need to have a full PCI DSS annual audit and our service ensures that this is one less burden for your compliance teams.

Strict visitor’s entry & exit logs, electronic access control and CCTV systems operate and cover every corner of our facilities to ensure a detailed record is available of who accesses your most valuable assets.


Proactive monitoring around the clock
You expect your systems to function to maintain your business running 24x7x365 and therefore we commit to being available every minute of every day of every year. Rockolo’s experienced customer support engineers are available and looking after your IT assets day and night. They will be there to proactively warn you of any potential risk to service through the use of sophisticated monitoring systems which monitor and trend all service offered by us including but not limited to power, cooling, fire detection, intruder alarms, access control, & CCTV.

Multiple Geographical Sites

Another layer of resilience to your most valuable assets
Rockolo operates multiple sites to offer your business an added layer of protection should the unforeseen happen. In addition to the state of the art facilities available at Mount Pleasant, a similar facility is now available at the prestigious World Trade Center in Gibraltar. With the same levels of availability, security and support as that of its larger Mount Pleasant facility it offers connectivity solutions which are second to none to ensure that your IT assets can be spread across multiple geographical locations.